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Drayton Manor Park

Had a great day yesterday as it was the last day with the girls before they head back to school on Monday!
Not a queue in sight and so we did every single ride (that we were allowed on!)

I might have missed one or two but the two head cases couldn’t get enough

Hope you enjoy!!


NSEA Grass Roots Horse Jumping

Very early start yesterday!  4am!   To get all the kit and relevant animals, children etc up to Netley Hall (outside Shrewsbury) for an 8:30 start!!

Big Thanks to Cecelia and her team for encouragement and training (and getting up that early too!)

Fantastic result though,  both Lexi and Hattie were riding for the school and came second in the 40cm which puts them through to the Nationals in November.  A bit of falling off and a few tears as the day went on but no injuries and happy faces all round!

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Hattie’s Lunchtime Concert

Heres a quick Video of the Lunchtime performance of the Pre-prep.

I didn’t film it all but here’s a few of the performances that I did all edited together.

If you’re looking at this through the blog then the password is ‘richardson’


Pre-Prep Lunchtime Concert June 2014

I think I nailed it!!!

Had another session at Hellys Horses yesterday and put all my training into one go and by god I think it worked!

Paul Southall came over (who has been the guy who empowered me with this knowledge in the first place) and I used my own kit including flashes and all the training form Birmingham and ended up with some amazing creative portraits of horse and rider in the yard itself!  Then into the ‘ Lightroom’ which is another area I absolutely love and the result is below.

I’m chuffed to bits with that and think it can hold its own up there amongst the many!

Hope you enjoy!



Bath at Night

Bath at Night

Took this while just on a course down at Bath, was a bit pressed for time otherwise I’ve gone back when it was dry but hey ho!

This is a Cathedral right ion the Centre and looked amazing lit up

This is a Cathedral right ion the Centre and looked amazing lit up

Harriets Video Editing!

Spielberg move over!!

Harri had a play at editing a short movie on the iPad, (with a tad of help!)

Not bad I think!  Piece of piss on the new IOS iMovie now, better than the desktop version in many ways!


Amazing Film of London from 1927

Bumped into this on the Interweb somewhere and its incredible considering how old it is!

Have a watch anyway and just look at the skyline!