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Lexis finally won her iPad!

She finally did it!
We challenged Lexi at Christmas to learn all her times tables or move up a group in her lessons and blow me down she did both!
The deal was that I would get her an iPad mini if she achieved this and so off we went to Birmingham today to visit the apple store!
Bit scary as we are country bumpkins in the big city but we managed it unscathed!
A very excited girlie and Harriet had a few things from ‘build a bear’ and is going to have an iPad when she’s a bit older!





Flooding again on the River Rea

Went out for a walk This afternoon after the deluge we had and the river was in flood again.

Did a bit of a loop around Detton and crossed the river twice.
This is what was happening at both the bridge at the bottom and also at the bottom of Factory Lane. You normally cross that one with a little footbridge but I couldn’t even get to it!


Flooding on the River Rea (Again!) from Gordon Jackson on Vimeo.

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More Centerparcin’