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CBSO Christmas Concert


Happy Christmas to all those who didn’t get a card from me which will be quite a few as I didn’t buy any!

A little post as I’ve been a very proud Daddy this week when i got to see Lexi perform in the Children’s Choral Choir alongside the world class Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in no better place than the Symphony Hall itself.

The Acoustics in that building are amazing,  even on my iPhone I think you can get an idea of just how that sounded on the day, it was incredible and If I’m totally honest,  when it was the final Chorus and the huge crescendos’ it was a little bit emotional!

Seven years to the day that Mom passed away and I know she was there cheering them on!  She would have loved it!

We made a bit of a day of it and had a look round the German market,  the new Library building and then went Ice skating and a ride on the Ferris Wheel to see the sights of Birmingham from up above!

It was a great day and the highlight of Christmas so far.

Hope you all have a good one and a happy new year!




On here I can personally thank Mr ‘Shelly’  for the hard work in getting them all to this stage.  If it wasn’t for his dedication in encouraging and of course driving them back and forth to the middle of Birmingham I doubt we’d have got this far, so from me and all the other parents, Thanks !


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