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Detton Sunset Landscapes

I have to post these images as I’m so chuffed with them!
I went out walking the dog again the other night and chucked all the gear in the car as I intended to drive up to Catherton Common afterwards to try and capture a good Sunset.
I mis timed the whole thing and having left the tripod in the car decided to just have a go in the field at Detton instead! I couldn’t be bothered with filters and all that faff so I tried three bracketed shots, (one dark, one light and one normal) Once I got home the software Photomatix HDR merges these images together giving a huge range of exposure and colour to choose from. It actually does a pretty good job of picking the best mix but there are loads of alternatives to pick from and if you know what you re doing (I exclude myself from that description) you can adjust in minute detail.
I’ve posted these on Facebook and had loads of lovely comments, I also posted it into a competition and for a day or two I was third!! Ive slipped back a little now but hey!!!
Anyway, here they are! ┬áNow that I know it works I’ll find some more beauty spots and have a go!

A Beautiful Sunset up at Detton Near Oreton

A Beautiful Sunset up at Detton Near Oreton

Detton Sunset retouched


Ridin’ into Town!

Just like in the old Westerns! today we ‘Rode right into Town’!

Dropped off the car and trailer at the bus park and then went back for the nags!

All trooped into Cleobury along Max’s well trodden path!

No major incidents to report so that’s good isn’t it!!