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Walk to Cleobury from Oreton

Spring has sprung (well a little bit!) The Sun was out and the snow is now melting to lets take full advantage
Bit spur of the moment but we (That is myself, Lexi, Lottie, Izzy, Alex and Mike) walked from Oreton down to Cleobury yesterday,
Very pleasant it was too.
Popped in to say hi to mom along the way and then back for “tea and medals!!”

Definitely going to do that again and going to vary the route as the weather improves too!

Heres a few of the keepers!

Walk to Cleobury 031 Walk to Cleobury 032 Walk to Cleobury 029 Walk to Cleobury 030 Walk to Cleobury 027 Walk to Cleobury 028 Walk to Cleobury 025 Walk to Cleobury 026 Walk to Cleobury 023 Walk to Cleobury 024 Walk to Cleobury 022


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