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Walk to Cleobury from Oreton

Spring has sprung (well a little bit!) The Sun was out and the snow is now melting to lets take full advantage
Bit spur of the moment but we (That is myself, Lexi, Lottie, Izzy, Alex and Mike) walked from Oreton down to Cleobury yesterday,
Very pleasant it was too.
Popped in to say hi to mom along the way and then back for “tea and medals!!”

Definitely going to do that again and going to vary the route as the weather improves too!

Heres a few of the keepers!

Walk to Cleobury 031 Walk to Cleobury 032 Walk to Cleobury 029 Walk to Cleobury 030 Walk to Cleobury 027 Walk to Cleobury 028 Walk to Cleobury 025 Walk to Cleobury 026 Walk to Cleobury 023 Walk to Cleobury 024 Walk to Cleobury 022


Nan’s 90th Birthday

My Nan is 90 now!  Thats the 70th Anniversary, Jojo’s 90th birthday and now Nan has done it!

Great gathering,  there were no less than four generations ranging from 7 months up to 91 years so i thought that was quite an achievement !

Took a few photos and Lexi has taken some Video which I’ll link here

Enjoy,  and Many Happy Returns NanImageImageImageImageImage

Sledging in March!

Well who would have thought we could have snow at Easter but it’s here!

A fair bit too so off for the compulsory sledging until your limbs stop working and then everyone gets miserable!

It was good fun while it lasted!  As you can see!Image









Lexis finally won her iPad!

She finally did it!
We challenged Lexi at Christmas to learn all her times tables or move up a group in her lessons and blow me down she did both!
The deal was that I would get her an iPad mini if she achieved this and so off we went to Birmingham today to visit the apple store!
Bit scary as we are country bumpkins in the big city but we managed it unscathed!
A very excited girlie and Harriet had a few things from ‘build a bear’ and is going to have an iPad when she’s a bit older!




Harriet’s Rainbow promise

Another big day in the Jackson household!
Harriet has been going to Rainbows now ever since she was old enough and loves it!
Yesterday she did something called “her promise” which means she’s a proper fully fledged member now!
I don’t think they have a secret handshake and get friends in high places to get them off speeding fines but I guess they work up to that

Here’s a quick film of her taking the promise

Lexis Speech

Well today was the day (yesterday actually). Lexi has been working extremely hard towards her speech. Everyone had to give a 5 minute talk on a subject of their choice and Lexi chose her pet Lizard.
She’s been practicing lots and really put some fun into the talk and sailed through to the finals and then it was to be judged my the Headmaster himself!
Unfortunately when it came to the actual performance some eejot forgot to switch the mic on!
I got a great picture but no sound!
Anyway she didn’t win the whole thing but apparantly made it to the top 3 so that’s good enough for me!
WhatbI do have to show you is a couple that we did for practice together with some poems from Harriet at the end.

Lexi's Speech from Gordon Jackson on Vimeo.