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My Wounded Soldier

Last day (well half day to be precise) and we were just heading into school and poor Lexi shut her finger in the car door!

She did a proper job too!  Straight up to the school Nurse and she suggested a trip to casualty!

Off we went after battling through the stourport – kidder traffic and met a lovely nurse who took great care care of her.

Had it X-rayed and everything, no broken bones and back in school before lunch!

Here she is looking a bit sorry for herself

Everyone say aahhhhhhhhh

Poorly Squashed finger

Poorly Squashed finger


One response

  1. Uncle Mike

    Poor Lexi. That lookx very painfull. We hope your finger gets better soon. Aunt and Unc

    February 1, 2013 at 1:14 am

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