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Flooding again on the River Rea

Went out for a walk This afternoon after the deluge we had and the river was in flood again.

Did a bit of a loop around Detton and crossed the river twice.
This is what was happening at both the bridge at the bottom and also at the bottom of Factory Lane. You normally cross that one with a little footbridge but I couldn’t even get to it!


Flooding on the River Rea (Again!) from Gordon Jackson on Vimeo.


Max the Long Distance Runner!

This is Max our new Doberman on one of our many walks! He just loves open spaces and ran to the top of this field while I was still getting over the gate! A good chance to test his obedience and to be fair he did well!



Also Saw this fabulous Sunset (just before it pissed it down!)

Great new route, shall be doing that one more often!








Just met this little chap on a log!
Managed to snap him with my phone! Fab isn’t he!

Audrey gets an Airing!

Lexi's first day off today (Sunday) and so we asked her what she'd like to do.

A lie in, play dollies and ride the ponies was the answer!

That we did, followed by a trip to Hillocks to meet Vanessa and Alan to see a horse show thingy!

Gave me a chance to walk Max round the field and take a few more pictures!

I've booked myself in for part two and so better get some practice in!


Here's a few





Just had a mess about with long exposures!
Great fun, must try more of that!



Day One

Arrived today in glorious sunshine

Quick video here of arrival and a few photos

Watch this space!