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A few more pics

New camera settling in well!

Here’s a few images from day one

A few more to come when I get a moment to go out and play!










Ewen Rankin and The British Tech Day out on the SVR

Well this photography lark has really taken hold and thanks to my fascination with all things mac and techy there’s is something called the ‘British Tech Network’ run by a chap called Ewen Rankin who is a professional photographer by day!

Anyway after a few ‘tweets’ Ewen offered to give me a bit of tuition on the subject! It sort of ‘escalated’ a bit and in the end there was 12 of us rattling around the trip between Bewdley and Bridgnorth!


Ewen has two great kids called Ellis and Briney (whom i have to add are a credit to you) and by the time we had frightened all the other passengers out of one end of the carriage they all sat together and then ‘Nursery School master Samantha’ got them all organised and started on the picnic!

Eventually we managed to entertain the kids in a graveyard of all places and that left us ‘grown up’s. (I use the term loosely!) to play shutter speeds and f stops etc.


Then we got the chuffa back down the line and stopped off at Highley for a bit of Lunch and a look at the engines there (and of course a playground!)

By the end of the day I think I’m happy with my skill level for now and am now at the stage where I’m just going to take lots of photos and enjoy it! Annoyingly (and encouraging at the same time!) Lexi seems to have a ‘good eye’ for the subject. I’ve given her my old Sony cyber shot and she takes quite unusual angles and subjects and they make great images! Maybe there is some talent in the family after all!

Anyway, I’ll stop waffling on and let you guys take a look at some of the results.


A big thanks to Ewen, Sharon, Ellis and Briney, together with Beaver, Sam, Ben, Jessica and Bens’s mate




Look forward to doing it again sometime soon! Ewen and co, it was a pleasure to meet you all and thanks again for a fun day out as well as the tuition.

Here’s a link to the British tech network, if you are even remotely into tech of any sort you’ll find a show on here that will be hooked on!







Berrington Hall

And another of Beavers great ideas adopted as one of my own (Thanks for that Garry, it’s seems more acceptable now!).
Had a great day out with the Aston Family despite the deluge of rain when we first arrived. Luckily we stuck it out (by waiting in the car!) and then it turned out to be a glorious afternoon! Ellen and the girlies went for a walk round the grounds, Nan had a wander round the main house and Beaver and myself had a photo walk round the house and garden. I learned a few things despite a few duff ones, i’m pretty chuffed with the results!
This national trust business is working out great and the kids ae slowly filling up their sticker books!

Tenbury Show

Off to Tenbury Show despite it pissing down according to the forecast !
Took Max along so that he could meet everyone only to be faced with a “NO DOGS” sign on the Car Park, bugger! Obviously some new twat on the committee that doesn’t like dogs despite the tons and tons of cow shit, horse shit and sheep shit all over the entire showground! Ended up being me and Nan and the Girls, met lots of friendly faces and met up with Laura, The Juckes’s and Lexi spotted a few school buddies!
Finished off the day with a few pints and a curry with me old chum Beaver later and his brother in Law Gary. A chance for us to ‘nerd’ out and talk tech which we did!

Attingham Park

Good Evening,

Another Trip out again today, starting to get comments now about how come I’m swanning about all the time! You’re only young once!
Ellen took the new doggy to work with her today and the girls invited Laura from next-door to join us so off we all set with our Picnic for Attingham Park.
You may notice on here the lack of pictures of a Hall and thats because we didn’t make it to that bit!
We checked in, wandered up to the ‘walled garden’ and sat down and filled our faces with another yummy picnic.
The park had organised a ‘treasure trail’ and so they all ran around finding the clues for that and then discovered one play area after another and who was I to resist so sat down on my rug and read a magazine! Everyone’s a winner!

Have to return another day and wander round the Hall next time!

Heres a few photos as I was practising with my new skills!