A little window into our world!

Croft Castle

Fantastic Day out today.

Weather was fantastic, been waiting for this now for some months!

Ellen joined us all in the National Trust this Spring and I have to admit I thought it all sounded a bit dull!

I can vaguely remember being dragged around some old farts house with my parents and it was like watching paint dry!

Things are different now though, everyone made us very welcome and especially the children! The are quizzes and trails and just the right amount for them to do without turning the whole place into a theme park!

We’ve also sussed out the walks and where we can take the dog that we haven’t quite got yet so Ellen might even drag herself along next time (that is if she’s on the right end of a Doberman of course)!

I’m off on my photography course on Sunday so thought I needed some more practice at all this Aperture and shutter speed business! I haven’t touched these pictures, honest! So I’m quite chuffed with the results so far.

Croft Castle and Parkland – Visitor information – National Trust







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