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Harriett’s first Bike crash!

Didn’t quite catch the actual impact as I was already on my feet at that point

You know when you can see something happening before your eyes and for whatever reason you just stand there in the hope that it perhaps it won’t happen or maybe time would freeze so that you get there in time! This was one of those moments!
Poor little Harri smacked her chops on the handlebars, went piling into the brambles and generally frightened herself to death.
I did ask here if she would do it again as I missed the vital shot but that didn’t go down too well!
No major damage and no animals were injured in the making of this film!

(all shot and edited on my trusty iPhone)
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Location:Withies Bank,,United Kingdom


A big day in the Jackson household

Lexi and Harri went back to school today after the summer holidays. This was harri’s first day in uniform! In true tradition, the ‘getting ready’ bit was a nightmare but as soon as they saw their mates that was it! Whoosh….”see ya later” leaving Ellen with all the stuff to go on pegs!

We’ll see what happens on day 2! Can’t wait!

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All’s well that ends well!

just to add a final note that it turned out as great day out. We ended up at the Ragleth Arms which is a tiny pub next to Ashes Hollow Nr Church Stretton. it’s gone a bit upmarket since I was there last but a very nice dinner to wrap things up! just managed to finish up before Harri got us the ‘glare’ from across the room!

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Bloody Weather

Great, battled past all these welsh twats who think the national speed limit has been lowered to 40mph only to be greeted with a cloudy grey day!

Anyway, determined to have a good time off we go to the bucket and spade shop. Off back to the beach and it bloody pissed down!
Back to the car to contemplate binning the whole thing and just heading back! A lovely family day out!

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Off to the seaside!

Off to aberdovey for an ice cream and wet sand!
Fantastic view from clee hill this morning. Above the cloudbase!

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