A little window into our world!

Chocolate heaven (or hell) whichever way you look at it!

Had another day out with “Unc”!

This time it was “cadburys world” at Bournville, Birmingham.
met there at 11 and there was Mike, Sue, Kyla, Tianna, Pauline, John, Laura, Vicki, Lexi and Harri and of course me!

the place was packed! I thing the draw of free chocolate ! (£10 + to get in so it’s not really free!) brings out the crowds.

We did the full tour and got a bit of free gear and ended up in the shop where guess what we bought! the bloke in front of me spent £165 (thats a whole days benefits for him!) on cadburys chocolate!!! obviously not heard of Tescos!

on the way back, we picked up uncs tickets for their trip to London which I’m waiting to hear all about!

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