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Laura’s Birthday

Laura (mr and mrs withus’s daughter). turned 6 yesterday!
party at the village hall with an animals theme.
loads of games that involved animals and a visit from “Angies Animal Magic” where she had a bloody noisy parrot, another bloody Chinchilla ( had to have the whole ” why can’t we have one” conversation again!)
A great day rounded off by Beaver and Sam and crew coming back to play which was great, while the kids played me and beaver could have a good old moan!

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A Big Birthday

not going to say who and how old but just thought i’d mention that Ellens mom was 70 last weekend. All off to Chorley show (just stayed dry!) for a mooch and back for tea and cakes! how civilized!

A Major Acheivment

My little Harri was awarded no less than TWO badges today!

She can now swim with no armbands, dive and fetch things from the bottom and has moved from the red group to the Orange! A very proud day!

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Chocolate heaven (or hell) whichever way you look at it!

Had another day out with “Unc”!

This time it was “cadburys world” at Bournville, Birmingham.
met there at 11 and there was Mike, Sue, Kyla, Tianna, Pauline, John, Laura, Vicki, Lexi and Harri and of course me!

the place was packed! I thing the draw of free chocolate ! (£10 + to get in so it’s not really free!) brings out the crowds.

We did the full tour and got a bit of free gear and ended up in the shop where guess what we bought! the bloke in front of me spent £165 (thats a whole days benefits for him!) on cadburys chocolate!!! obviously not heard of Tescos!

on the way back, we picked up uncs tickets for their trip to London which I’m waiting to hear all about!

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Mikes Belated Birthday Party!

Had a great night last night down at “Inverbeg” Lisa and Mike had organised an Indian to be brought to the house, A bit more than just a takeaway!
 Saied from the Spice Empire brought it all down in silver serving dishes with meths burners and we were all bloated and there was tons left.
Kids just moved between the trampolining and the house, basically hardly saw them which is a good sign! Rain came lashing down in the end but didn’t dampen the spirits as Mike turned “Hunter-gatherer” with his man-fire and after a bottle of red, promptly fell asleep in front of it!
This was a surprise for Unc and I nearly blew it at the last minute but he was very moved!

A brill evening!