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I bet money you’ll wet yourself

I laughed so much a bit of wee came out!

Not sure if it’s for real but it’s bloody funny anyway

Bloody Funny!

I don’t think the Corrs need to worry just yet!

Here’s Lexi actually doing some practice on her Violin!

It’s quite entertaining so long as you own a pair of noise cancelling headphones!

Just take note right now as you never know what may transpire!!!!

Andrea Corr had to start somewhere!


Turn Down Your Volume!

Opening of the Village Hall Playground

At long last (after 4 years!) the Playground is not only built, but is now officially open!

Had a fun “Villagey” type day up there on Sunday with a Treasure Trail and a pig roast to round things off.  Great Fun!

DSC_0112 DSCF4284 DSCF4286 DSC_0060 DSC_0072 DSC_0103

Caravans!! don’t let me near them!

This was sent to me by Carlos the Rascal and reminds me of when I devalued his caravan when i was supposed to be improving it.

It was very similar to this clip except that I didn’t do quite as much damage"!


Bloody Caravans!