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Back to Hoo Farm again

A sunny day and a “family day out”.  Came down this morning and ellen had packed a picnic.  Sausages buns, crisps, squash, choccy and all looked fab.  Threw in my poxy milk-shake and a bottle of water and we were away!  Went back to Hoo Farm as Ellen missed it the first btime we went and she wanted to see the foxes and all the other cute furry creatures!



Had a good excuse to try out my new Toshiba Camileo S10 HD camcorder.  I did originally send this to Youtube in full HD but they took it down as I used some copyrighted soundtrack! Ooops!

I’ll post a demo in HD (without music) to see what Youtube does with HD footage.  meanwhile, enjoy this and let me have any comments.


Making cakes

Ellen was at home all day today and Lexi decided it would be a great idea to make cakes. They did look fab in the end but nearly destroyed the kitcken in the process!

Looked like fun to me!

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April 2nd 2009….A Big day for a little girl!

As promised a quick 10  minute snapshot of Harriet’s 2nd birthday.

A very excited big Sister once again dragged her out of bed (and me!) to go downstairs and see what had arrived!  Lots and Lots but the best bit of all seemed to be the balloons!

Then a visit from Nanny’s and Judy and her best buddy Ruth.

Then all up to sunny Telford for a walk round “Wonderland”.  Theme park for toddlers, all based on nursery rhymes and children’s stories and pint size rides too.

Then back to base (a good kip in between!)  for Cake and then bed.

The journey back took a little  longer than usual.  Next time you see Ellen, ask her about Sat Navs and why they are better off in the windscreen than the glove box!!!

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Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom

This reminds me of Birthdays in my twenties when I used to make them last several days (usually involving the pub!)  This was Harri’s pre-birthday outing.

I remember Mon telling me about this place and have never been until now.

Harri also had a trip to Wonderland on her actual birthday which is yet to be posted!

This is a great place (Still love “Rays Farm” though!) Had all sorts of rarer animals here most of which had been rescued from car accidents etc.  The Foxes were everyones favourite and were beautiful.

Had a great play area and picnics. Harri just wanted to look at the horses which worries me a lot.  I’m trying to convince her to stay well away from the things but she’s having none of it!

Everyone was “well knackered” on the way back as you will see









Have a giggle at my my new “ilife 09” editing talent and the trip to Wonderland is on the cutting room floor as we speak!