A little window into our world!

About time I made an entry on this thing!

Just thought it’s been too long since I went on here so here’s a quick post!
Had a great idea today,
I’ll take the kids ip the new playground, but I’ll not drive up, we’ll walk
Harri in the backpack and Lexi with her new Bratz trainers, off we went
Crap idea. Bloody freezing, about half way harri went quiet, I was too afraid that she’d gone down with hypothermia to investigate so I just kept walking! Lexi was fed up about half way and I could see me carrying her and having a heart attack myself. Could have wiped out three of us in one go there!
Not to mind, got up there played for a a bit then it started raining and I’ve lost my keys to the village hall! Didn’t have to wait too long and ellen came to our rescue
Next time I have a bright idea like that I’ll probably give everyone sunburn!

Still once Harris limbs worked again she had a ball!

— Post From My iPhone


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