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Last day, comes around too quick!

Last day (full day) and we tried to make the most of it.  Up early (ish) (getting later as they get more and more tired!

Straight down the pool this morning and remembered to take the camera this time. 

Centerparcs pool day december 2008 001Centerparcs pool day december 2008 003

Lexi decided that she hadn’t clocked enough miles on the new bike so she rode her bratz bike all the way to the centre while the others went on the train.  bit like a Top gear challenge really!!!  We won, in fact thrashed them hands down!


This pool is the Dogs bo***ks

Went down the rapids again which is terrifying when you dragging your 4 year old with you. She thinks it’s hilarious to be sucked under the water while I’m panicking trying to drag her out while at the same time the Lifeguards look on us and I don’t think they are quite sure what to do about it!!!

Then had a special appointment to see someone with a red suit and some reindeer at 2pm !!.  Lexi went very quiet and Harri just fell asleep!  Eventually got a little voice heard and Santa now knows what she, her sister and all of us want for Christmas!.  I did wonder if a door was going to open and Spro would walk in but this elf was far more attractive than that!

Then back to the chalets (via the toy shop where daddy settled his debts of getting Lexi to stick 131 stamps onto 131 envelopes for me last week! (hadn’t got the heart to tell her I had to re-stick 127 of them!)

Out again for a last supper in the Country club where they have a “Fantastico’s” type setup actually in the pub!  Lexi was real big Sister tonight in minding little Harri round there!  Back home for bedtimes, packing drrrr and perhaps a couple more cans (well it saves packing them!)

Centerparcs pool day december 2008 036 Centerparcs pool day december 2008 039


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