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Centerparcs! for the mentally insane!

Crikey, the one thing that I had forgotten about this place is how much it reminds me of how unfit i am!

Was so knackered last night, couldn’t be bothered to write this thing up and went to bed!

It was a full day, up at 6:30am for the dawn chorus and then out on the bikes before 9:00am.  Then a long walk to the main centre followed by a Horse and carriage ride.

P1000030 P1000028

Then swimming where we mangaed to get the old folks down the rapids!  Lexi thought this was brill!

Then worked our way back to “make a memory” which Harri slept right through!  Then the big slog back up the hill to tghe chalet where Nanny and Grandad had only just got back.  Apparantly one wrong turn and that was it!!  As you know, centerparcs in the dark all looks the same.


P1000034 DSC05213

Still got my wish in the end although used the train instead of shoe leather! and off down the pub for steak and beer Grrrrr  Manly grrrrr.

Next morning my darling wife had booked “Tatty Bumpkins” for 09:30am  guess who ended up going to that one!  this was basically Yoga (or “yogo” ) as Lexi calls it!  for little ones.  Only problem was that parents had to join in and I’m, lets say, not as supple as I used to be!

DSC05244 DSC05243

Then back up that bloody mountainside of a hill with bike and trailer,  glad I resisted a Mocha coffee and a bacon sarny before we left!!

Then back into the Plaza for lunch and then Panto time.  Was a Cinderella story, bit long for the kids but there was bar there for Daddys which I can proudly say that apart from three other blokes, I took full advantage of!

P1000065 DSC05241

Then another swim and blast down the rapids and everyone was fit to drop and went home early!.




More to come!, promise I’ll take the camera down the rapids tomorrow! that should be good!


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