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Boxing Day (Where’s the ‘Rennies’ when you want 10!)

Nowt much to report for Boxing Day,

Woke up at 8:00am told the kids to go and find Mommy and then drifted off again till midday,  Brian likes the ambient temperature at around 30 degrees!!  I was dreaming of being on a white sandy beach in the the sun!!  Crikey its bloody hot!

Boxing day

Walked the pack of dogs after dinner where they all set about Porche! Funnily enough they all give me a wide berth after I wheilded a massive stick around like Claudius Maximus!!!


Nearly ready to go home now to our house which I know Ellen is going to complain of being cold for the next fortnight!.


Logging off for now.

(Off to Lisa and Mikes for the afternoon tomorrow so can get pissed and eat too much again!)



Christmas is here!! and now it’s gone!

Well that went quick!,  all these weeks of buildup and stress and while I’m sat typing this it’s all finished!

Winding the clock back, we all went up to Ray’s Farm yesterday as Father Christmas was popping before setting off on his epic voyage!  You could have heard a pin drop.  He is very much the real thing!!!  there was Bev, her Mom, Elly and Sam,  Beaver, Sam, Jessica and Ben and also Judy together with Dan and Nanny and Grandad!   Then back to ours for a good drink before unloading the Vectra full of Toys. (I’m not kidding either!)

DSC_0020 DSC_0013

DSC_0042 DSC_0034

DSC_0032 DSC_0035

Poor old Lexi was desperate to get to sleep before 9pm but no matter how tight she scrunched her eyes up, it just wouldn’t work!!!  It didn’t help when she kept hearing sleigh bells from the bottom of the stairs either!


6:00am Sharp, a little voice “I’ve been sleeping all night, so it must be Christmas”  and by 6:02 we were on the stairs and guess what!  HE’D BEEN!!  Poor little Harri who was fast asleep was dragged out of her cot to get very excited about the boxes!!!

DSC_0045 DSC_0046 DSC_0049 DSC_0051

DSC_0058 DSC_0054

Lexi thought all Harri’s toys were brill too and occasionally let her play with them!

I must remember to thank Father Christmas for attaching everything with little bits of twisty wire and sticks of plastic and then sellotaping over them aswell just to make it even harder!!    Oh yeah don’t wake up on Christmas morning without at least 30 AA batteries, I only had 28 and we’ve run out!!

Then Judy and Abbi popped up with even more boxes and the day was just too much for Harri who conked out to bed!!!

Then off down to Nanny and Grandads  for a feast fit for about 12 hungry rugby players.  That followed by Sherry and Guinness, and then I conked out!!!

Were all sat around now watching shite on the telly and descending into the who’s going to put the kids to bed argument, I’m desperately trying to be “relaxed” but I can’t see me lasting the whole night without having a “Bezerk”

I’ll let you know how it goes, if you don’t hear from me in a while, draw your own conclusion!!!

Last day, comes around too quick!

Last day (full day) and we tried to make the most of it.  Up early (ish) (getting later as they get more and more tired!

Straight down the pool this morning and remembered to take the camera this time. 

Centerparcs pool day december 2008 001Centerparcs pool day december 2008 003

Lexi decided that she hadn’t clocked enough miles on the new bike so she rode her bratz bike all the way to the centre while the others went on the train.  bit like a Top gear challenge really!!!  We won, in fact thrashed them hands down!


This pool is the Dogs bo***ks

Went down the rapids again which is terrifying when you dragging your 4 year old with you. She thinks it’s hilarious to be sucked under the water while I’m panicking trying to drag her out while at the same time the Lifeguards look on us and I don’t think they are quite sure what to do about it!!!

Then had a special appointment to see someone with a red suit and some reindeer at 2pm !!.  Lexi went very quiet and Harri just fell asleep!  Eventually got a little voice heard and Santa now knows what she, her sister and all of us want for Christmas!.  I did wonder if a door was going to open and Spro would walk in but this elf was far more attractive than that!

Then back to the chalets (via the toy shop where daddy settled his debts of getting Lexi to stick 131 stamps onto 131 envelopes for me last week! (hadn’t got the heart to tell her I had to re-stick 127 of them!)

Out again for a last supper in the Country club where they have a “Fantastico’s” type setup actually in the pub!  Lexi was real big Sister tonight in minding little Harri round there!  Back home for bedtimes, packing drrrr and perhaps a couple more cans (well it saves packing them!)

Centerparcs pool day december 2008 036 Centerparcs pool day december 2008 039

Centerparcs! for the mentally insane!

Crikey, the one thing that I had forgotten about this place is how much it reminds me of how unfit i am!

Was so knackered last night, couldn’t be bothered to write this thing up and went to bed!

It was a full day, up at 6:30am for the dawn chorus and then out on the bikes before 9:00am.  Then a long walk to the main centre followed by a Horse and carriage ride.

P1000030 P1000028

Then swimming where we mangaed to get the old folks down the rapids!  Lexi thought this was brill!

Then worked our way back to “make a memory” which Harri slept right through!  Then the big slog back up the hill to tghe chalet where Nanny and Grandad had only just got back.  Apparantly one wrong turn and that was it!!  As you know, centerparcs in the dark all looks the same.


P1000034 DSC05213

Still got my wish in the end although used the train instead of shoe leather! and off down the pub for steak and beer Grrrrr  Manly grrrrr.

Next morning my darling wife had booked “Tatty Bumpkins” for 09:30am  guess who ended up going to that one!  this was basically Yoga (or “yogo” ) as Lexi calls it!  for little ones.  Only problem was that parents had to join in and I’m, lets say, not as supple as I used to be!

DSC05244 DSC05243

Then back up that bloody mountainside of a hill with bike and trailer,  glad I resisted a Mocha coffee and a bacon sarny before we left!!

Then back into the Plaza for lunch and then Panto time.  Was a Cinderella story, bit long for the kids but there was bar there for Daddys which I can proudly say that apart from three other blokes, I took full advantage of!

P1000065 DSC05241

Then another swim and blast down the rapids and everyone was fit to drop and went home early!.




More to come!, promise I’ll take the camera down the rapids tomorrow! that should be good!

Were Here!

No photos to show yet but will sort that tomorrow.

Got here around 2 and sorted the shopping and keys, Villa right up the top end so two good bike rides to ditch the cars, then all off down to the pub for tea and a few guiness!  Back up the hill and then everyone conked!

Might just have one for the road and then off to bed, I think it’s going to be a long day tomorrow!