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Bertie’s Birthday Party

Popped to "Yarpole (nr Leominster) for Bertie’s birthday party.  Bertie is one of Lexi’s classmates

As you can see they live on a farm and all the kids had a ball with animals being born, tractor rides and of course…….MUD!!!!!!!!!!!


The New Playground is Here

Finally after over four years of effort, our village is the proud owner of a new playground. It was initiated by Lexi and Harri & Ruth who think it is fab.
Just need to get the safety inspection signed off and then we can have a launch party.

The Severn Valley Railway

Blimey, it went well!

We all met at Bewdley Station on Sunday morning in the drizzly ‘orrible’rain.  My rouze about telling Ellen that the train leaves at 10:00am worked a bit too well! We were there at 9:30 and it didn’t really leave till 10:30.

We had a carriage all to ourselves (good job!  it was loud!)

We saw some other carriages that were all laid up for a silver service dinner on board the train.  Thought that would be a lovely idea, then I saw harri bouncing up and down on the seat and the thought soon went away!

Off it chuffed nice and steady and before long we were in “Bridgo” (as a white bearded trainspotter called it!)

Up town where we lost Ellen in Woolworths and then down the pub for Sunday Lunch.  Bargain!  £6-50 for a Sunday roast.  Poor Harri fell asleep all the way through.

After we got thrown out of there!, we had a quick go down the “Cliff railway” which brings back memories of Boddser and me skiving up town when we should have been at College.

Got the last but one train back which meant we could stop off at the new “Highley” shed where they had a kids park and a train called Gordon.

All in all a great day out and lots of fun had by all and hardly any falling out! Not quite sure while everyone said i was strangely “Nice” that day.  A lesson to you all, gear up these events around food and Beer and you’ll be surprised what can happen!

Kids, they drive me mad!!

Haven’t been adding much to this blog just lately as didn’t think there was much to say but here goes anyway. 

Weird week at work, feels like the year is over already. No leads coming through, no pressure, just waiting for January really for it all to kick off again.  I do have some potentials in the Diary though so I’m hoping that I’ll generate a bit more before the year is out.

Family wise, the treadmill of life keeps on running! (hey that would make a good song lyric)!  Lexi off to school in a morning, she’s not enjoying the journey as much these days as it’s winter.  Harri off to Judy’s. 

Harri is getting to do a bit more now as she’s getting older.  Judy has taken swimming and to “Tumble-tots” and she has had a ball apparently tandem

Anyway, went to Beavers tonight as it was Jessica’s 4th birthday.  Had tea, sparklers, couple of beers, then at about 7:30 Harri decided that she’d had enough!!  Nothing would do, Milk, Bunny, food, Dummy.  Only thing to do was abandon my nice cool Lager and head home.   All the way back she was happy as a sandboy!!!  Little sod!

Sunday, we are all going on the Severn Valley Railway as part of Jessica’s birthday.  That will either be fantastic or a nightmare on a train.  Who knows, suppose that’s kids for you!severn-valley-railway-2

I’ll report Sunday night all about it (assuming I didn’t get thrown off the train!  or jump off!)

Off to Darlington

Off at 4:30am to head up to meeting.

Up through the lake district. Might stop in a bit for sausage bap. You know how it is!

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