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Messing about at Tenbury Pool

This is some video taken with an underwater camera of us gang messing about in the pool last Sunday


Put the “Hell” into Merry Hill

Had a trip out yesterday to the West Mids

Took Lexi, Harri and Nina over to Nans yesterday to see Unc and Aunt!

Don’t worry I cheated and took Judy too!

Then went up to Merry Hill to get Lexi some new goggles

IMG_0040 IMG_0041IMG_0042

I think we were up for getting thrown out of Decathlon the row we were all making!


Then they spotted Toys r Us

Harri fell in love with a Jeep


Lexi and Nina fell in love with everything else (That was Pink!)

I hope Santa has got a serious payload on his sleigh again this year!

And Even more Snow!!!

Went over the Clee Hill this morning to find that they had had buckets of the stuff!

So much or Global Warming, another bloody Ice age more like!

DSC05101 DSC05102



Its Turned to Winter already!

Blimey o Reilly!  The Canadians have brought winter with them!!  Clocks went back the weekend then it went dark, cold and now it’s bloody Snowing!

Bit more serious for these guys mind!


Had to yank the car door open this morning just to get in!

Actually got some exercise today!!!  Lexi is on a swimming course and Tenbury so I “wallowed” away in the deepend!

Then off to work again.  Met Brian Huggett today,  A professional golfer from the 70’s.  ‘Bloody Nice Bloke’!!!  

Mike is here

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Elly’s 7th Birthday Swimming Party

Went to Tenbury Swimming pool (again!) for Elly Pearce’s 7th birthday. Lexi had a ball as she has moved up into the next class at swimming lessons and is now very confident. Her best buddy Nina was also there so off they went leaving me to natter to my old mates!
Cake and buns, sing “Happy Birthday” for after then off to find Beaver and Sam for Pizza and stuff!
More to come later from the bowling alley!

A few more photos

A few photos here (posted on the MobileMe gallery)  of the kids on Catherton Common on a dry day!DSC_0051





DSC_0047 DSC_0040


A couple of Harri looking relaxed as it’s Monday and Lexi is at School!

  DSC_0008 DSC_0026